It's stormy out there!
23rd February 2017
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With Storm Doris tearing down trees and blowing the cobwebs out of our hair, it’s inevitable that by the time it’s all… blown over… your gutters are going to be clogged full or all sorts of debris which has been whipped up by the wind!

Damaged or clogged gutters can wreak havoc with your home if you don’t get them sorted as soon as possible. Water can leak down the side of your house, making it look unsightly and potentially cause other problems. It the weight of the gutters gets to be too much, then they can start sagging, which doesn’t look great either, and then it can pull away from the fascias, which will then need repairing – an extra cost you certainly don’t want!

So, to give yourself some peace of mind and ensure that your gutters are clean and clear, why not give Ramsbottom Roofing a call on 0800 448 8137? They will come out and check them over, make any necessary repairs on the spot where possible, and you will be able to enjoy being tucked up safe and warm inside – away from the rain, without worrying about whether or not your gutters can stand up to the weather!

To find out more about the services Ramsbottom Roofing offer, why not click the blue box below to visit their feature on thebestofbury? 

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