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Adam Prescott recently joined Liam Britton's 'Rapid Fat Loss Academy' as a personal trainer at Unit 1 on Kempson Way Bury st Edmunds
Fancy Floating?
Fancy Floating?
Did you know that Moreton Hall Health Club have two floatation tanks? I have to say it is one of the most relaxing things I have ever done… Here you can read what it is all about
I bet some of you have been wondering how I am getting on with my circuit training with the Rapid Fat Loss Academy the based at Unit 1 on Kempson Way and owned by Liam Britton?
Have been training hard and have cut out a lot of bad food and have lost a fair few pounds. GREAT! But Liam says now what I have left are these stubborn last 20 lbs that are being really difficult to get rid off! Not so great! UP YOUR GAME he says to really reveal that new flat stomach…
Part 3 of my fitness and weightloss programme with Liam Britton
This is part 2 of my regular blog on my programme to loss Fat and change shape with Liam Britton- Personal Trainer
How will I get fit and healthy
How will I get fit and healthy
SO here it is the 'Get Miriam trim Challenge'
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