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What’s more glorious then a stroll through beautiful gardens in the sunshine?North Devon can boast some of the most extravagant, stunning gardens in all of the UK. So get ready for your senses to explode as we guide you through some of the top floral delights on offer in the entire South West.
A glass or two from a lovely bottle of wine can put the special touch to an evening with friends or family in the house or at a nice restaurant. Celebrate English Wine Week 23-31 May 2015.
It doesn't matter where you look, TV, newspapers, magazines or mail through your front door, everyone is talking about the General Election 2015 with voters going to the polls on 7th May 2015. Have you registered to vote? Do you know who you will vote for? Are you a floating voter?
Record Stores have so much character and there is nothing like standing next to like-minded people as music-obsessed as you! Warner Brothers and Universal Studios sponsor the day!
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is providing funding to help organisations in the UK host an Armed Forces Day event this summer. National Armed Forces Day which this year falls on Saturday 27th June 2015.
Fairtrade is all about improving trade for farmers in developing countries by ensuring they get better prices and good working conditions. Fairtrade helps improve their lives and prevent discrimination against poorer producers.
Creative industries provide £8.8 million to the UK economy, employing 1 in every 12 people. So Creative England’s new scheme is designed to support and encourage SMEs to further support the South West's thriving creative sector. More information here
There may be times of the year when you want to take stock on what you really are drinking. You might be surprised at how many units there are in few glasses of wine after work, a bottle of wine with dinner at home or a couple of pints in the pub. It can really add up! So here’s a few tips from Alcohol Concern on watching what you drink.
On Thursday 11 September & Saturday 13 September St Anne’s Arts & Community Centre will be open for special events. Learn about the history of St Anne’s stone by stone with a free lunchtime lecture from architect Jim Gardner, followed by free drawing classes led by local professionals Quay Drawing. For this year’s Heritage Open Days we are delving into the building itself, thinking about how it’s put together in comparison with modern buildings and finding out what makes St Anne’s special.
Five days of festival fun opens in North Devon when Somersault Festival hits Castle HIll. A summer camp of music, adventure and outdoor living in the heart of the South West. Live, learn and experience more with like-minded people and an amazing line-up!
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