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Whether you’re exercising your DIY skills or you’ve booked the builders in, home improvement seems to be on everyones radar these days. Gone are the days when you automatically jumped head first into searching for a new property because your current abode had become too small.
The tradition of Meat Raffles or Draws goes back a long way in the UK and nowadays they are usually to be found in more traditional pubs and bars. Further afield, they have “chook raffles” for a chicken in Australia and the raffle of “meat trays” in New Zealand. The trays are typically composed of a mixture of cuts of meat or a selection of seafood and are raffled to raise money to support local sporting teams.
Pewsey Music Festival 2016 will be held Saturday 6th August
Situated in the heart of Abingdon, the Riverly Club at Bridge House is a hive of activity open for residents, older local folk and carers within the Abingdon community.
The unique experience of open air swimming in the wonderful pool at Abbey Meadows in Abingdon has a fascinating history.
Can you help? Be one of our Incredible Volunteers in our friendly Abingdon Team! Come along for a taster session....
Pssst! You do know it’s Father’s in a couple of weeks, don’t you? Yep, Sunday 19th is Dad’s Day, Papa’s Day, Daddy’s Day, Grumpy’s Day… call it what you will!
He stood there, shivering so much he thought he could hear his bones clattering. He wasn’t sure exactly what time it was, but he could see through the window that it was still dark. “This is a disaster” he thought. A day when being on time couldn’t have been more important. He’d never make his way through the Oxfordshire traffic to arrive at his 9am interview on time now. Unless…
How would you like to feel like a VIP for the day? We’re talking scrumptious food, beautiful views, the tranquility of the river and a personal service like no other! If you have a love of the outdoors and a penchant for all things nautical, you’ll be chomping at the bit to jump aboard your very own Old English river cruiser!
The Abbey Meadow Pool in Abingdon is open for longer hours this year due to the closure of the Leisure Centre Pool over summer. Make the most of the opportunity to swim in a heated pool in the fresh air in lovely riverside surroundings and support this very special gem in Abingdon!
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