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Kinesiology Taping has gained visibility over the last few years, due to its use by athletes at major sporting events like the Olympics. In April 2018, Therapi Tylino are launching Active Taping, offering this therapy to clients where suitable.
When we think about customer services, we often imagine call centres and lines of staff on the phones dealing with thousands of customers. Here we learn how Therapi Tylino ensures that customer care is the most important aspect of their business.
Best Reasons to Give Massage as a Gift
When we are in pain or immobilised by an injury and need urgent treatment, we are more than happy to get an appointment at short notice. But are we risking a longer term cost? Roger Daniels of Therapi Tylino explains in this must read article.
As we prepare for the clocks to go back this weekend and the end of another year comes into sight, it seems a good time for me to look back at a rewarding 2017 for Therapi Tylino.
Pain – is it good or bad?
Pain – is it good or bad?
Musculoskeletal conditions can cause pain, and it is the most common reason for people visiting my practice. But what does pain telling us?
It's World Spine Day! Here's 10 World Spine Day tips to prevent back pain
Here are some handy tips from Plutus Health on how to prevent hayfever
A typical working day. for Roger of Therapi Tylino
After childhood, we only get one set of natural teeth, it makes perfect sense to take great care of your teeth to stay healthy and so that one has a smile to be confident about.
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