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Pain – is it good or bad?
Pain – is it good or bad?
Musculoskeletal conditions can cause pain, and it is the most common reason for people visiting my practice. But what does pain telling us?
It's World Spine Day! Here's 10 World Spine Day tips to prevent back pain
Here are some handy tips from Plutus Health on how to prevent hayfever
After childhood, we only get one set of natural teeth, it makes perfect sense to take great care of your teeth to stay healthy and so that one has a smile to be confident about.
This imposing, beautifully refurbished, 19th Century building in the Centre of Llanelli, known as the Castle Buildings, is home to the Vista Hotel and Langostinos restaurants and bars.
Having a good night’s sleep is not just one of life’s pleasures but it is essential to general good health and wellbeing, having the right bed for you is also important.
Four Waterfall Walk
Four Waterfall Walk
The Four Waterfall Walk is my favourite place to go walking in Carmarthenshire. The beauty of each individual falls is so different yet as one they are magnificent. There is something mesmerising about watching water cascade over a precipice and listen to it crash on the rocks and run off down the river and in Ystradfellte the treat that awaits is very special.
Cenarth Falls
Cenarth Falls
Cenarth Falls are in Ceredigion but lie just on the border of Carmarthenshire so I thought I would include them in my “what to do in Carmarthenshire” blogs, as they are so magnificent.
Penclacwydd in Llanelli is a wonderful place to go to see local wildlife in its own habitat; they have an outer area which plays a part in the migration and visitation of certain birds and inside conservation area which houses many species of breeding birds. You can visit for the day; take your children to feed the many species of duck, geese, swans and even flamingos.
There is more than one Black Mountain in Wales as I’m sure most people know, just as there is more than one Sugar Loaf mountain. Many place names are the same the length and breadth of the country, which probably dates back to the time when we weren’t able to communicate in the same way we do today, which meant no one knew that a place called Rhos (for instance)already existed when they named their village. Anyway this Black mountain is part of the Brecon Beacons range of mountains and is situated towards the Western end in the county of Carmarthenshire whereas most of the Beacons are in the county of Neath and Port Talbot.
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