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Cash is King
Cash is King
Cash is King is the advice of the £2-73 Club
A new era in oil. How will it affect your investing?
Skills Last a Lifetime
Skills Last a Lifetime
Skills Last A Lifetime published by Karen Newton .
There are 4 categories for investing and they move in cycles. There are ups and downs and one of the skills for investing is buying at the low of the investment cycle and selling at the high. So where are we now in the Business Cycle?
Investment Cycles - Business Part of being an investor is understanding investment cycles
Do you ever come across investments and you think, that looks interesting?
Is 2018 the year you will launch your own business? Your business becomes more productive and cost efficient? Or the year you will expand? Aspire Business Support will work with you to ensure your plans are put into action.
Has the Bitcoin Bubble Burst?
Has the Bitcoin Bubble Burst?
Has the Bitcoin Bubble Burst? The UK economy has a history of a recession in every decade. This tends to affect most investment classes - property, shares, businesses and Bullion. As we head into the next recession one of the interesting questions is how will the recession affect crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.
Christmas is a we spend time with family, knowing there is always someone there to share our time with now and also our lifetime of possessions when we are no longer here. Phil Jennings of Bond Lane Research explains this is sadly not always the case....
As we all make the final preparations for the Christmas period, many of us who work in factories, warehouses and commercial premises will be looking forward to well-earned winter break ……but at what cost?
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