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The alarm clock represents the first moment of our day. For this reason you can figure out a lot about your personality from the way you approach to your alarm when buzzing.
Bad weather has delayed the completion of work to upgrade part of the Kessock Bridge until the end of this month
It seems that the swimming pool at Carnegie had no sooner opened until it closed again!
April Snow Showers
April Snow Showers
Forget April rain showers, snow showers were what we got!
New Forth Crossing
New Forth Crossing
Work is under way on the new Forth crossing but it's a bit of a shame that the materials could not have been sourced in the UK.
Your lawn is suffering from a dry winter and desperately needs a drink! If it is not watered it will soon grow brown and die. The girls at Green Thumb are the experts and can help you to make your lawn the pride of your street.
Budget Time Again
Budget Time Again
One thing's for sure we won't be better off for it!
D & G Autocare recently won a legal battle with Dolce & Gabbana to secure their trademark. The Hobbit Pub faces similar problems.
For affordable lawn care in Aberdeen, call Charlotte or Maggie at GreenThumb today for a FREE Lawn analysis and quotation without obligation. And here are their hints and tips for a beautiful lawn this summer.
My views on an online campaign to have the Broomhead Flats in Dunfermline demolished and rebuilt.
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