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Festivals, summer exhibitions, a hiking challenge and traditional Highland games are just some of events happening in The Highlands this weekend.
This weekend in The Highlands offers fun fairs, WW1 exhibitions, Strawberry Tea and a fundraiser.
Crafts, kids activities, a challenge for charity and a month of activities exploring fact and fiction of the Jacobite rising are just some of the exciting events happening in The Highlands this weekend.
Check out the local events, activities and festivals happening this weekend in The Highlands
Taking The Plunge
Taking The Plunge
Big birthdays, marathon running and a guilty conscience - read on!
On Sunday 8th June 2014, individuals will abseil for Maggies Dundee, raising much needed funds with every inch of their 40 metre descent.
The Beards For Bairns Challenge Finishes on Burns Night
Looking for somewhere to go or a local event over the next week? Try some of our ideas!
Strawberry Tea.
Strawberry Tea.
Breast Cancer Care Summer Fundraising Campaign.
Hamish McHamish- St. Andrews' Cat About Town
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