Early Spring Lawn Tips from the Grass Girls
28th February 2012
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Your Spring Lawn Calender 2012

Brought to you by the Grass Girls at GreenThumb Aberdeen

As spring approaches there are plenty of jobs to be done around the garden-especially after all the high winds we have had in the last few months and GreenThumb Aberdeen are there to help.  A lot of lawns have suffered wind damage - if the tips of your grass blades have turned a grey-brown colour yours may have been affected too. Coming on top of all the bad weather last winter, it means that some serious cumulative problems are building up in our lawns.

The drier summers we have been experiencing can create a heavily compacted lawn, which restricts the flow of water and air into the root zone, causing Dry Patch - areas of dead grass in your lawn. To restore lawns affected with Dry Patch, we recommend Aeration - which creates holes in your lawn, allowing air, water and space back in to heavily compacted lawns.


All lawns will benefit from an annual aeration and scarification - if you didn’t manage to get yours done before the winter-there is still time! But remember - lawn will take a few weeks and lot of water to recover from these treatments so get it done before the BBQ season starts! With the onset of spring, warmer weather will mean that grass starts to actively grow and recover, and after a good spring feed, you should see your lawn improving during April and May. Really good growth often only starts in late spring, and you can be confident your lawn will look its absolute best during the summer.


As we move into the main grass cutting season, correct mowing will make a big difference to the appearance of your lawn. Make sure your mower blade is sharp! A blunt blade will tear the grass and allow diseases to take hold. Always cut the grass at the correct height (1-2 inches). Cutting at the correct height encourages healthier roots, helps conserve water during dry periods, keeps the grass plant healthy, and discourages weeds. It’s absolutely vital to cut the grass to the correct height when we are expecting drier summer weather. 

Make your first cut with the mower set very high, and after 2-3 days make another cut, a third shorter, and so on until the desired height is achieved. The ideal cut height is 1-2 inches. Remember to vary the direction of your cut and never cut more than a third off the length of your lawn. Try to remove the grass clippings from the lawn, as these encourage thatch and moss.

The best and cheapest tip I have is: edge your lawn and it will look like it has had an instant make-over!

You're always welcome to ask the girls for advice about your lawn - or feel free to call Maggie or Charlotte on 01224 699880 and request a visit.

Watch this space for more hints and tips .....


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