What is the future for the Broomhead Flats, Dunfermline?
21st February 2012
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Demolish the Broomhead Flats?  On the face of it it seems a great idea!  These flats could be considered an eyesore, a portion their residents could be accused of being at the forefront of anti social behaviour in Dunfermline.  Local man, Damon Lee, certainly feels strongly this way as he has started a petition to overturn the Council's decision not to demolish the flats.  

I'm inclined to think that Mr Lee lives in la, la land, it would be a wonderful fantasy to believe that Fife Council has enough funds in the kitty to bulldoze the 216 flats on the site and build 216 beautiful new white picket fenced homes, OK I exaggerate the proposal is to replace the Boomhead Flats with newer flats, this however carries a cool price tag of 16 million and only allows for 160 new flats, 56 residents will have to take a hike.  

Back here in reality the Council want to spend 5.1 million on a refurb and all 216 residents will still have homes at the end of it, doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.  I also know for a fact that the Broomhead Flats are not packed like a tin of sardines with Dunfermline's criminals and troublemakers, like most areas there is an element of this however most are decent people, just like you and I, getting on with life!  

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