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7th August 2018
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Infrared panel heaters are very slim, sitting in total about 4cm deep from the wall, there are no lights or switches, no fans or noise, the panel simply becomes hot, hot enough to give off a wavelength of infrared, a warmth you can feel on your skin, a warmth which also warms objects around you like the walls , floor and furniture, these objects then also give off heat, creating a cosy atmosphere, all this warmth then heats the air, and the air stays warm for longer because it is not being chilled, and you feel cosy. 


Infrared panel heaters do not blow hot air or circulate dust, there are no grills or moving parts to clog up, just a plain white surface which can simply be wiped down. They are more hygienic and easy to maintain, with no maintenance required. 


A full range of styles and designs are available to match your decor, white can be smooth or textured, framed or frame-less, Matt or gloss, simple or stylish. 


Infrared heaters are best placed higher up on the wall or on the ceiling. Infrared is the warmth we feel from the sun, so your heater is best placed high up so it can shine across your room!


But hot air rises! Your old fashioned storage heater relied upon the fact hot air rises, it blew very hot air up to the ceiling, where it chilled and dropped, and got drawn back across the floor to be reheated again and again.


An infrared panel does not give off hot air, it just shines infrared energy across the room, warming objects and people in its path, these objects give off warmth to heat the air, so you end up with an even temperature from floor to ceiling, therefore there is no circulation of air or dust, just a very cosy and comfortable room.

All our customers say they love the feel of infrared heating.

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