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The winners of the second annual St Neots Community & Business Awards were announced on Saturday 8th October. The awards programme, presented by St Neots Town Council, was developed in 2015 to recognise the achievements of individuals, community groups and businesses within the town.
What are the real dangers of using a mobile telephone when driving; be that hands held, (which has been unlawful since December 2003) or hands free. The table below will give you some idea of how far you will travel should you be distracted. Here we look at how our REACTION TIME will be affected and how far we will travel at 70mph, the legal motorway limit.
St Neots Means Business!
St Neots Means Business!
You are invited to a networking lunch on the 30th January with guest speakers.
Huntingdonshire MP Jonathan Djanogly opens exciting new workspace in St Neots!
Who needs Marketing?
Who needs Marketing?
If you want to run a successful business, you do! Marketing is about taking goods and services from an idea to a purchasable commodity that a customer can appraise. It includes the conception of a product or service, setting a price that is acceptable to the market, establishing how it is to be taken to market and the development of a promotional strategy. Consider a shop without a shop window in which to display its wares, it may not do very well in any high street.
The very latest in the 'TimeBank' series - August 2015.
Thousands turned up to show their support for St Neots Armed Forces Day.
Themed the ‘Sights and Sounds of the 1940’s’, this years St Neots Armed Forces Day takes place on the 4th July in Regatta Meadow from 11am to 6pm, and offers plenty of free entertainment for the whole family.
Food lovers flocked in their thousands to St Neots on Saturday 23rd May for the towns third annual Food and Drink Festival, held in the Market Square.
Hello, my name is Jac, and i’ll be your Factotum blogger for the next two years. After much deliberation, conversation, and perhaps a little procrastination we have decided that it’s time to blog. As the writer, I will do my very best to keep you well informed and entertained with business tips, local events and factoids, some personal fun things from myself and office and, of course, the obligatory offers we have on when they come up. So here we go…
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