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Get your FREE tickets for The Home Building and Renovating show at the NEC in Birmingham where Binney & Sims of St Neots will be exhibiting
Are you looking for machinery to hire? Unsure on what the machinery does? Here you will some find info that you will find useful!
Are you looking to give your bathroom a fresh new makeover?
Freshwater bathrooms have adopted the new trend and popular style bathroom colour scheme: GREY! It has been noticed that there is a growing desire for a grey bathroom across the UK!
As winter digs in and we huddle round the radiators for warmth it is worth thinking about when was the last time that the household radiators were given a service? Most people take them for granted, they get warm, end of story. But what happens when you get "cold spots" on your radiators?......
Carrier bag charges begin in England on 5 October 2015
If you're looking to update your bathroom suite, here are some helpful hints that will ensure you are happy with your new choice for many years to come.
Tiles throughout history
Tiles throughout history
Tiles appear everywhere. Restaurants, roofs, pavements, hospitals, churches, mosques, shops and homes are just a few of the places where tiles are often found. While some styles of tile are purely utilitarian and are installed for purely practical purposes, others are installed simply just to look beautiful.
After two bank holidays consisting of painting, painting and a bit more painting, perhaps it's time we turned to Cambridge's professional painters and decorators and got some semblance of life back?
A real cost effective alternative to factory assembled units in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and the UK....
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