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Find out what events and activities are happening this weekend in Cambridge and surrounding villages
Between now and 2020, every household in England, Scotland and Wales will be entitled to a free smart meter and meter display in the national smart meter rollout.
Do you run out of toothpaste and keep forgetting to buy a new one so have to squeeze the last dregs out of the tube by rolling it up? Or, do you run out of your favourite coffee and then have to end up drinking something else?
How is your soggy bottom?
How is your soggy bottom?
Pick up your whisks and get ready to lick that cake bowl - The Great British Bake off is back...and boy has it come back with a bang!
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and it can serve as your safe haven where you can relax and give yourself some me- time. If you’re blessed with a large bathroom, you have more scope and opportunity to have the perfect bathroom for you!
There are lots of local independent shops, café's, pubs and restaurants in Cambridge, it's one of the defining things that makes Cambridge the city it is. Sure, we have the lovely university buildings and fine winding rivers and the handful of parks dotted about the centre, but the local shops are the beating heart of this historical city.
You hear a lot of statements like this around the Olympic Games. Athletes devote their lives to their sport and couldn't imagine not living and breathing it everyday...
Pokemon Go or Go Away?
Pokemon Go or Go Away?
It’s a usual site these days to see the younger generation (how old do I sound!) walking along the street with their heads down looking at a phone whilst they are walking along.
Sue Papworth is the owner of TOAD's School of Driving and has a wealth of experience in teaching people to learn to drive a car or tow a trailer. So just who is this person that you trust to be alone with your child for an hour or two each week?
The EU debate is raging with big guns on both sides taking pot shots at each other whilst those in between simply get on with running a business, or living their life. The current arguments, it seems, revolve around issues of sovereignty, migration, and economics. If we are to believe what the ‘remain’ campaign have to say Great Britain will be a basket case if we leave, consigned to third world status. On the other hand, the ‘leave’ campaign would have us believe the opposite is true!
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