Ideas for decorating a large bathroom
22nd August 2016
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A large bathroom can be a challenge when re-decorating. Where should you start? We have some top tips below for you, that may give you some more direction:

Add accessories that you will actually use

This includes toilet paper holder, towel racks, mirrors, small cabinets and drawers, hand wash bottles or vanity table. Think of the things that you use every day, make sure these items are easily accessible in your bathroom and not too far away from the area that you want to use them in. For example, your toothbrush should be by the sink!

Try placing a lounge area

Placing a plush seat inside your bathroom can add more sophistication to its entire look. You can use it for waiting if the other person is still doing his or her routine. You can throw in some small table to put some magazines to read and get busy with. If you do have the space to do this, it can give your home a “spa feel”; making it feel more relaxing for you. 

Choose your colour

Which colour would you like in your bathroom? This can often be the million-pound question. With a larger bathroom, you have more space, therefore you do not need to worry about the colour making the room feel smaller. Lighter colours or blue colours are often a popular choice in a bathroom, however there are lots of different designs that incorporates darker colours!


Strategically place lights to highlight the most beautiful parts of your bathroom like the bathtub, your counter, vanity corner and well- placed painting. Spotlights are often used in the bathrooms because they create a focus point.  If you want to go all- out, throw in a chandelier at the center for added beauty.

Mirrors can make all the difference

A large bathroom means you don't have to worry about mirrors being used for reflecting light to convey extra room. However, mirrors create a classy more sophisticated look within a bathroom. 

Add a touch of nature with flowers and plants

Even smaller bathrooms put plants in the hopes of adding aesthetic value on the bathrooms. You can do the same and more with larger bathrooms. 

Don’t be afraid in using different materials

You can use stones, glass or tiles depending on your preference. Just make sure to have it installed by the professionals like Freshwater Bathrooms and Tiles so you can be sure that it won’t be easily ruined by everyday use.


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