How is your soggy bottom?
25th August 2016
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The Great British Bake off is back...and boy has it come back with a bang!

Nearly half of the population with a TV (over 11 million people!) tuned in to watch 12 brand new bakers who'll be keeping us engrossed with copious amounts of dodgy cake and 'soggy-bottomed sponges' in the weeks to come.

This astonishing number of views is higher than the most-watched moments of the Rio Olympics!

Now, I'm not a big baker myself, but there's just something about Mary, Paul, Sue, Mel and the contestants that makes me feel all fuzzy and warm - kinda like digging your spoon into a gooey, freshly baked brownie that's oozing with warm chocolate.

I can't help but get right into it and watch every episode practically on the edge of my sofa… The bake off has become like a super-popular spectator sport for many.

The popularity of the show extends past just watching on TV to online mania too.

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are amongst the most popular forms of media used by all the wannabe bakers and judges around the world and has lead to the trending hashtag #GBBO.  Suddenly the whole world is a baking expert and wants to share their efforts and opinions.

Where do you sit on the Bake off scale? Does it make you want to whip up a baking delight or stick your head in the oven until it all goes away?

Whatever your opinion, just remember that cakes and puddings are great fun to make, look at, smell and taste, but they are also large on calories!  To enjoy them you will need to compensate your efforts in some way.  A cycle or run anyone?


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