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4th May 2016
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I am lucky enough to live in rural Suffolk and once a year, at Arger Fen, the beautiful Bluebells are in bloom. This year I have said for weeks I would take the girls for a stomp to see them in full colour, but had almost left it too late. Luckily I just caught them in time.

Whilst I was enjoying the sunshine through the trees it lead me to thinking about missed opportunities. When opportunity knocks, do you get a card through the door saying missed delivery or if you open the door, fail to utilise the opportunity to best effect?  Does this lead to missed business opportunities or leads, events or experiences?

Having been running my own successful business for 3 years now I have learnt to take opportunities and grab them and I think any successful leader, business owner or entrepreneur will echo this view. Many I work with week to week use this talent with great effect, seeing ahead and bringing opportunities to fruition.

I made my most recent hire by talking at the park. A seed of opportunity was planted in my head and I grew this into a flower the quality and size of which has surprised me.

 I have asked cheeky questions when I shouldn’t have and benefitted from the answer. I have taken chances and reaped reward. But only when I allow myself to take a chance on an opportunity and let it grow.

It’s easy to be safe. I have talked about comfort zones before and stepping out of them. Some opportunities that may arise are outside of comfort zones and seem a step too far, but the kicking yourself for the missed opportunity will likely be more painful than the fear itself.

It’s easy to become stuck in vicious circles. The same behaviours generate the same results. The only way to break out of circles is to break the edge. Stick a hand out, make a grab and change direction. The momentum may be enough to change your path for the better.

Opportunities arise in work or home life but are so easy to turn down or miss through fear or not even seeing the chance.  Feel the fear and do it anyway is an old and well used one, but a favourite of mine and the strength from achieving will only be positive.

But in terms of seeing and ceasing opportunities, how do we open our eyes?

  • Be open to new ideas, thoughts, people and things. Talk to people even though there may be no apparent benefit, it could be the next business lead or idea.  


  • Look up from your phone occasionally. This has been said many times around the blog world but despite how busy you may be the new opportunity may be in front of you in real life not the social network world. Network in real life, even those that seem wrong for your business. I have picked up surprising opportunities this way.



  • Delegate what you can to free up time and energy to see new ideas and thoughts. I have been training on delegation many times recently and I find myself saying on repeat “think about what you are not doing by fire fighting when you could delegate”.


  • Think outside the box. Move the box, stand on the box, smash up the box , but change your thinking away from what you always do, think, talk about or behave. Habits do not often bring new opportunities freely. 


  • Try something new. My sister, a stressed out teacher, recently tried a body balance class. She told me before that if they make her lay down and chant she would walk out, but later told me it was the most clear headed she had been for a long time and worked productively for several hours after. Be open to new opportunities from trying new things.


This spring, plant lots of seeds of opportunity of all types, even when you haven’t read the packet. Water them all and see what grows and don’t focus on the obvious. The smallest flower may have the sweetest scent or the ugly weed some healing properties. Your problems may not always be solved by obvious solutions and you may be surprised by what you grow and reap.

If you don’t find the time or space or inclination to open your eyes and look, the bluebells may be gone.

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