Things You Should Know as a Driver in the UK!
19th June 2017
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Driving economies by driving better,


Traditional driving methods have changed with the realisation that the ‘old ways’ are not the best ways.

Changing up and down the gears uses more fuel and causes more emissions. Plus, wear and tear is increased. People who change gears to slow down are not showing to drivers behind that they are slowing down endangering both parties. Modern breaking systems are far better than in the past, they do not any assistance to slow or stop.


By using the brakes to slow the vehicle drivers can ‘block change’ ask the Approved Driving Instructors, ADI’s, at Toad’s, parents giving practice their youngsters will confuse them by not using block change.


Vital things to know about tyres.

Tread enables the removal of the water from under the tyre, to make contact with the road surface.  The deeper the depth of tread the more water can be sucked up into the tyre tread area to prevent aquaplaning.

The tread depth is1.6mm, across the width comprising the centre three quarters, around the entire circumference, with no cuts or bulges on the tyre. This is the minimum requirement.

Typre pressure are also vitally important, wrongly inflated tyres will affect fuel consumption, and risk tyre damage. Ask your ADI to show you how to test them.

Drivers are responsible for their own vehicles, for their own safety and that of others.

POWDER checks, before driving,

 Power, the type of fuel used, do you have enough for the journey, before filling the vehicle check the correct fuel – the wrong fuel will cost you a lot of money and time.

Oil check the level and top it up if needed, check brake fluid and the steering reservoir.

Water, check the coolant tank, windscreen washer bottle.

Electrics, test them to make sure everything works correctly, lights, horn and wipers.

Rubber pressures, look for external damage, make sure the wiper blades are fit for use.

Whatever amount of use regular servicing, and POWDER makes excellent sense.

Good drivers make certain that the vehicle they plan to drive is fit for use for the sake of family and loved ones and others.

Toad’s School of Driving are approved Driving Instructors, they teach driving as a lifeskill that will enhance their lives. Toad School of Driving are a Five Star local business according to their many customers reviews.

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