5 reasons why physical exercise is good for your career!
23rd February 2017
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Below are our 6 reasons why physical exercise is good for your career and could even help you climb that corporate ladder!

1. Can help to reduce stress levels

Yes, exercise really can help to reduce long term stress levels in the work place.

2. Improves productivity and focus

This increase in energy will help you to focus more at the job in hand, allowing you to complete a better job more quickly.  This might even allow you to go home on time to enjoy life!

3. Stimulates brain chemicals that can make you happier and more relaxed

The release of endorphins when performing exercise increases help to make you happy and more relaxed afterwards.  This will help to make a boring job feel less boring!

4. Reduces stress on the job

As exercise helps to make you feel happier and more relaxed at work, you will feel a reduction in stress levels too.  Your job might even become easier!

5. Lowers the risk of some diseases

Performing physical exercise alongside a balanced diet has long thought to be beneficial in many ways.  One main noticeable benefit is the reduction of risk to certain diseases including diabetes.

Physical exercise can help you feel healthier, stronger and happier.  The only downside is that you will experience less sick days from work, but I know which I would prefer!

Including physical exercise into your daily routine doesn't have to mean getting up at 6am for a 5K run before performing the same as soon as you finish work.  It can mean walking part way or all the way to work rather than driving.  Basically, by doing a little more movement however small throughout the day can really make a difference!

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