About the MGB Roadster . . . and the two we are restoring!
26th September 2016
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Over half a million MGBs were manufactured between 1962 & 1980 and during the height of its popularity, Abingdon made more than 50,000 a year.

 There were a few differences between the MGB and its forbear, the MGA, the main difference being in construction. The rough and weighty separate chassis was replaced by a lighter unit construction shell. Other differences include the gearbox which was an uprated version of the one used in the MGA (with an optional, electrically activated, overdrive transmission). The wheel diameter also dropped from 15" to 14".

 In 1967, enough changes were introduced for it to be worth defining a Mark II ready for 1968. These changes included synchromesh on all 4 gears with revised ratios, a new rear axle and an alternator instead of a dynamo with a change to the negative earth system. To accommodate the changes with the gearbox, there were substantial changes to the sheet metal in the floorpan and a new flat-topped transmission tunnel.

 In 1974 one of the most recognisable changes occurred and rubber bumpers were introduced to the MGB, replacing the earlier chrome ones. This change was made to fit in with US safety laws, as the majority of MGBs were exported to the USA. This, along with the raising of the suspension height (to accommodate headlights that were too low for US law), affected the handling of the MGB Roadster and its performance. Despite this, the car continued to sell as it was one of the few open top cars available at the time. It is worth noting that many of the ‘rubber bumper’ MGB Roadsters have been converted in recent times, seeing as the rubber bumpers are considered ugly by many.

 The MGB survived until 1980 with relatively few changes from this point.

 Here at East County Classics, we currently have two MGB Roadsters in for full restoration!  They are a 1963 and ’68. We have currently got the bodyshell ready to be sandblasted. Follow us on Fb for more info.

 We also offer full restorations for most classic cars including Morris Minors, Jaguars and VW Campers. Contact us to find out more! 

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