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Sometimes you just don't want to call an electrician so follow our simple electrical safety tips to keep yourself and your family safe at home.
Consumer units also commonly referred to as fuse boxes can potentially save your life....
Did you know that many accidental house fires - in Shropshire and throughout the UK - start in the kitchen often by misusing electrical appliances?
Simple electrical safety rules to keep you 'safe as houses' at all times.
Halogen spotlights were banned as of September 2016, due to the huge level of energy they consume....
Decided your home needs to be rewired?...
Kitchen lighting is essential for cooking and preparation as well as creating mood and atmosphere, what sort of lighting will suit your kitchen?
Kids room fire hazards revealed
Kids room fire hazards revealed
Did you know that 3 out of 4 children in Shropshire have a potential electrical fire hazard in their bedroom?
Advice on how to sort out the some of the most common household problems.
A Telford landlord has been convicted of building regulation offences.
Electrical safety tips for Telford residents embarking on renovating property.
Top tips on how to stay safe during a thunder storm.
What qualities and traits should you look for when deciding on the right electrician for your electrical project in and around Telford?
Whilst PAT Testing may not be law, you do have a legal responsibility to keep your employees and customer safe.
There are many benefits to underfloor heating, let us tell you more!
Hair straighteners and electrical beauty products are essential items for many women but they can be very dangerous - particularly to children.
Down lighters are attractive lighting solutions, popular in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms but if not installed correctly can pose a serious fire risk.
If you use a portable electric heater to heat your home, please pay attention to these important safety guidelines on how to stay safe this Winter.
There's nothing more annoying than experiencing a power cut but do you know what to do if the power goes off?
This very old structure fitted to a beautiful house in Coalport has been brought up from London and fully restored and rebuilt.
This time of year there is a noticeable increase in phone calls from customers because of ‘tripping’.
Are you protected against the risk of electric shock in your home or business premises?
You don't have to spend a great deal on outdoor security lighting to deter would be burglars.
We all want to keep our electricity bills down and there are some simple, everyday ways to do that.
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