What are ‘earthing and bonding’ and why are they needed? Wiring Works Electricians Telford
17th October 2014
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If you are making alterations to your home or you have concerns over earthing and bonding arrangements at your home or workplace, you should contact NIC EIC registered electricians Wiring Works in Telford.

Earth and bonding is an essential safety measure that prevents electric shock.  If installed correctly earthing will make certain that your electricity supply disconnects under fault conditions by providing a path for a fault current to flow to earth.  Bonding joins two electrical conductors together at the same electrical potential and is another key safety feature.

There are several tell tale signs that may occur in your home or workplace that may  suggest you may have an earth bonding issue:

  • Light bulbs that constantly blow
  • Regular electrical problems that tend to "fix themselves"
  • Regular static electricity shocks
  • Constantly tripped RCD's (Residual Current Devices)

As NICEIC approved contractors, Wiring Works are duty bound to check that your earthing and bonding arrangements meet the required standard before starting any work or alterations to your home.

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