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15th December 2014
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Portable heaters can be a great and easy way to heat your home, but if used incorrectly they can also be incredibly dangerous.


Now that we are into the Winter months, you will undoubtedly be using your heater more.  Here are some important Do's and Don'ts for you to adhere to when putting your portable heater on:




  • Do place your heater on the floor on a flat surface
  • Do position your heater so that it faces into the room. Make sure the back of the heater is against a wall.
  • Do turn your heater off when you're not in the room.  This is a MUST when going to bed at night
  • Do unplug your heater before going out or going to bed
  • Do get a permanent safety guard fitted
  • Do change the cylinder of a gas heater outside or in a well ventilated area
  • Do make certain you follow the manufacturer's instructions.




  • Don't leave pets and children unattended near a portable heater
  • Don't use flammable materials, cleaners or aerosols near the heater when it is turned on
  • Don't use in damp areas e.g. bathrooms, wet rooms. Parts in the heater could be damaged by moisture
  • Don't place your heater on top of furniture
  • Don't stand too close to the heater in order to get warm.  Your clothes may catch fire.
  • Don't place your heater on an uneven surface where it could fall over.
  • Don't place heaters near curtains or furnishings
  • Never dry clothes on heaters.


These safety tips apply to all portable heaters. 


Stay warm, but please use your heater correctly and handle with care.

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