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26th November 2014
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If you experience a power cut, we have some practical advice and tips on what to do and how to cope:


  • Check with your neighbours to make sure it's not just your home that is experiencing loss of power.  If they have a loss of power also, then it's likely to be a fault with the local electricity network.  Contact your provider to see what is going on.
  • If the power cut has occurred in your home only, check fuses, appliances and trip switches to see if they have cut your power.  If the problem doesn't resolve, contact local, reputable electrician for advice.  
  • Switch off appliances that may have been on during the power cut, especially if they are not supposed to used unattended e.g. chip pans, cookers, electric fires
  • Leave at least one light on so you know when the power has been restored
  • Leave your fridge and freezer door closed until power has been restored.  If the power is off a long time, cover your freezer with blankets for extra insulation.
  • Prepare for a power cut by having torches close to hand and check that the batteries work well.  If you have to use candles, be safe and don't leave them unattended.
  • Wear several layers of clothing to keep warm and walk around to stimulate circulation
  • Always keep your mobile phone charged with important numbers stored so you can make any necessary phone calls

Whilst electricity companies do their best to ensure you always have power, sometimes things do go wrong and following this useful checklist may just help when the unexpected happens.

And of course, if something more serious occurs with your power supply - call us.

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