Victorian Glass House in Coalport – we love the clever stuff. Wiring Works Electricians Telford
24th October 2014
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This very old structure fitted to a beautiful house in Coalport has been brought up from London and fully restored and rebuilt.

Wiring Works have fitted a specially created automatic roof opening which is very clever. The roof openings are sensitive to temperature and open when the sun heats the room past a pre-set temperature and then close as it cools down. They are also sensitive to rain and will close as soon as the rain starts.

The roof opening is also clever enough to distinguish between the heat of the room because of the sun and the heat created in the winter by the fitted log burner, so when the log burner is lit, they will automatically close.

Unusually the owner wanted Bakelite electrical sockets to retain the authenticity of the structure. These are modern made Bakelite fittings but of course in the last century before the introduction of plastics, Bakelite fittings were common place.

You will see from the photo that there isn’t any visible lighting to the structure.

We fitted fully dimmable led light strips in the roof trusses so that nothing is visible in the daytime but the glass house has a beautiful glow at night which can be increased or decreased to change the mood.

No details were overlooked. We even fitted colour coded outside lights to match the glass house. 

We also fitted a heat extraction system that takes the heat out of the conservatory into a converted ‘cellar’ room (the 'white' room in the images) which has no natural heating and makes a perfect, naturally heated office. We also installed the new lighting in this room which makes a previously unused, un-welcoming dark cellar into a fantastic light, bright office with 'free' heating.

All in all a fabulous job to work on and one that we are proud of. 

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