Lightening safety myths and facts
26th May 2016
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Now that the changeable weather storm season is here, we have some great advice on how to prepare for thunder and lightning before, during and after the event.


Before the storm

  • In the house, unplug non-essential electrical appliances including the television.  Thunder storms often affect power and you may notice your TV will be one of the first things to go off.
  • If you are outside as the storm is approaching, seek shelter, preferably in a car with the window wound up.  Sheds and trees will not give you adequate protection.


During the storm

  • Avoid using the phone, taps and sinks.  Phone lines and metal pipes can conduct electricity.
  • If you are outside, avoid water and find an open area away from trees, poles and metal objects.
  • If you’re a golfer, rower or fisherman, it is not a good idea to carry out these activities during a storm
  • Avoid using an umbrella and mobile phone.  The metal can direct current into the body.
  • If at any point during a storm you feel your hair stand on end, you need to drop to the squat position straight away.

After the storm

The storm is over, so now what do you do?

  • Stay clear of power lines that have come down, and broken cables
  • Don’t venture out too soon, wait at least 30 minutes after the last flash
  • If someone has been struck by lightning, make sure they receive urgent medical attention and carry out first aid yourself if required.  Lightning delivers burns in two places, where the electric shock entered and left the body. 

Interesting fact: To judge how close lightning is, count the seconds between the flash and the thunderclap. Each second represents about 300m (984.25ft).

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