What Makes a Great Haircut?
11th October 2010
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I once read an article that said a persons beauty essentials are there skin, teeth, nails and hair. If these look good you will look good. True? I guess so - very expensive clothes probably don't look that great without your skin, teeth, hair and nails looking good. 

My subject today is a lifetime quest for a good hair cut! I have tried lots of different salons, from a very expensive London Salon - (after they told me I had skin like a lizard and  tried hard to sell me a range of very expensive products, I was put off.) to an inexpensive local salon, where one of the juniors cut my hair - it was ok, but I did rather feel that I got what I paid for - hair that was slightly different lengths on both sides and not really what I asked for!

Last week I tried out Combers in Taunton. I enjoyed my experience there and I am really delighted with the haircut. So what did they do right? I think the most important thing was that we had a long discussion about what I wanted and how we could achieve that. We discussed using both the cut and the colour to get a really good finish. A very precise discussion took place about the exact size of weave and the direction that the foils would be put in, in order to get the best finish. Then we were off. All round it was an enjoyable experience, the staff were friendly and the environment peaceful, I felt that what I wanted was important and the finished result was exactly what I'd been promised. This is in my experience of hairdressers a rare treat. Normally it is at least two inches shorter than promised and on one occasion as a budding punk I was disappointed that the purple I'd asked for was more Dot Cotton than Johnny Rotten!

So from me it is a five star recommendation, in my opinion there reputation as one of Tauntons best salons is well deserved and I will definitely return.

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