What are the Advantages of Double Glazed Windows?
3rd June 2016
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You may be considering having double glazed windows for your home, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having double glazed windows. 


1. Sound insulation

Double glazed windows are great for sound insulation. This is because the double glazed windows create a barrier between your home and the environment and noises outside of your home.

2. Safety of your home

Double glazed windows can improve the security of your home, this is because they are much stronger than single pane windows and harder to break. Double glazed windows are also sealed tighter than other windows and are difficult to force opening from the outside.

3. Energy cost savings

Due to the strength and thickness of double glazed windows and the airtight construction, your energy bills could decrease. This is because the flow of outgoing heat will be reduced due to the windows being so airtight.




1. Trapped heat

Of course, the heat insulation during winter months is an advantage. However, in summer the trapped heat in your home could result in your home becoming quite stuffy and warm. Although, you could open the windows of course!

2. Older styled homes

Double glazed windows are modern looking, this means for those with older looking homes the double glazed windows may not look as good on your home.


If you would like double glazed windows for your home, contact Taunton Windows today.

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