Using Instagram as a Business
3rd April 2018
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How to get started with Instagram for your business

There are a few steps that you will want to take when setting up your Instagram account to ensure that you are on track to expand your business. You want to make sure that when you set up an account it is completely separate from your personal account so that it is for business purposes only. Once your account is set up you can then go on to fill in the brand information such as the profile photo and bio. You can use the bio to explain a bit more about your business and even link to your website / blog.

If you don’t have a profile photo such as a business logo and would like to get one professionally designed, Contact us Today and we can discuss your design ideas.

Now you want to start attracting followers, so search for some terms that relate to your business or location and start following people and hopefully they will follow you back. Make sure to like and leave positive comments on your follower’s posts so that they do the same in return.

When posting photos or videos try not to focus entirely on your product or making sales. You want to connect with your followers so try to capture your brand in a way that will attract more followers. Most top brands will post on Instagram 5 times a week so try to post between 3-5 times every week and you should see an increase in your following.

One of the most important things to remember when posting on Instagram is to use hashtags. If you use hashtags you are pretty much guaranteed to get more engagement on your posts. Depending on the industry you are in, there are some popular Instagram hashtags that could be used to generate more likes. Some of the most popular hashtags are #tbt (throwback Thursday), #photooftheday, #instadaily, #instagood. You should also try to use hashtags that relate to your brand and location to attract potential local customers.

While we are on the subject of location you can also add geo-tags to your posts. These are tags that show the location of where you posted from, whether it be in the office or in a business meeting with a client, geo-tags can be very useful. Posts with geo-tags get almost double the amount of engagement so make sure you use them whenever you can.

These are just basic Tips and Ideas for helping you get started on Instagram, but it’s not necessarily going to fit every business. With so many reasons to join up, it could be the perfect platform for you and your business. If you have used Instagram in a different way, use the comments to share your experience with our users.

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