Top Tips for Winter Emergencies
31st March 2010
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TopTips from Fisk's - Specialists in plumbing and heating.

Prevention is always better than cure, there's plenty of things to be done to prevent plumbing and heating disasters!

To prevent frozen pipes make sure they are all thoroughly lagged, Loft insulation will not only keep your house warm, it will also keep your fuel bills down and prevent frozen pipes. (My Mother recently took advantage of a pensioners scheme offering loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. Her bills have dropped by 20%)

In order to keep your boiler well maintained and maximise it's life span try using a corrosion inhibitor, this will keep your boiler in tip top condition and is especially effective in newer boilers. Another tip is to install a Magna Clean. The Magna Clean removes sludge from the system, this will extend the life of your boiler significantly and also keep your radiators running efficiently as they won't become sludged up. 

Remember take care of your boiler and it'll take care of you. A few days with no heat or hot water in the middle of winter is no fun at all.

Finally if the worst comes to the worst and you do have a burst pipe- switch off the stop cock immediately and run the taps to drain the system. 

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