The Olympic torch tour in Taunton
5th August 2011
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With the London Olympics now less than a year away Taunton got its first taste of things to come today. The High Street provided the venue for a nationwide tour by Lloyds TSB to enable local people to have there photos taken with the torch. There were also interactive games and a chance to nominate someone who will carry the torch through the town next year. Nominations can be made up until the deadline on the 12th September 2011.


To celebrate the winning bid, the Olympic torch will arrive in the UK on the 18th May and will then embark on a 70 day journey all around the UK. The tour starts in Lands End on Saturday 19th May 2012 and makes its way to Taunton on the 21st May before moving onto Bristol the following day. The tour will end on Friday 27th July in the Olympic Stadium.


This will be an event for the whole community to get involved in, and will give us fantastic chance to promote the great things that will be happening in Taunton over the coming months.

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