Student Volunteering Week is 10th to 16th Feb!
11th February 2020
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Student Hubs believes that when students are supported to tackle social challenges, learn about issues and connect with each other all concerned draw benefits. Student Volunteering Week is a prime opportunity to get involved.


The Student Volunteering Network is there to help to assist student volunteers who are in further education and higher education.


Local students who wish to volunteer can get involved are advised to make contact with their NUS representatives or visit the SVN online for detailed information and guidance.


Volunteering, at all levels, is highly worthwhile because of the breadth of experience that can be gained and its positive impact on the recipients, volunteering can be undertaken locally, nationally or overseas and can often introduce young people to aspects of life and community that they may not have witnessed before. The benefits are many not least broadening ones understanding, raising self esteem and opening doors to valuable career possibilities. Sadly, poverty exists with the Country, and elsewhere, on a social welfare level there is much to do, likewise there are environmental issues and many more opportunities for proactive involvement.


Students of all ages can become involved, sixth formers with the approval and guidance of the school or college and parents, those in further education in the college system, plus those at university i.e. higher education.


Look out for local events in the schools and colleges where advice and clarity will be given to students who are interested and this opportunity.


Volunteering is not only about what you can do for other people but what the experience can do for you. Employers like to see a broader level of experience and commitment in students when they eventually leave education for a career, having volunteered to give your time and efforts can only enhance your cv.


The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater recommends Student Volunteering Week.




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