Steak & BJ Day March 14th
10th March 2020
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Have you heard of this celebratory day?  No?  Well, it’s a thing.  Originally created by Radio DJ Tom Birdsey in 2002, during a show on WFNX radio in Boston, USA.  Its creation was a holiday to rival Valentine’s Day on February 14th, but in direct contrast:  No flowers, No chocolates, No Cards, No Fine Dining.  Just a steak and a BJ.  The internet memes are many and varied and its gaining momentum.   So why am I interested in this you might wonder? 

Many have suggested that it’s sexist, demeaning and shallow.  That it perpetuates the male patriarchy in obtaining ‘payback’ for Valentine’s Day.  Several opinion pieces have posited that it’s nothing more than a way to enshrine male privilege.  However, the Cosmopolitan view was split and couldn’t decide whether it was outdated and sexist or a bawdy celebration of sex and food.

I never really got Valentine’s Day.  Why send a card to someone you admire, and not let them know who you are?  Some people like the excitement of wondering.  I like the straightforward appeal of the Steak and BJ approach.  Not for me the confusion of wondering who likes you, the simple and very direct nature of this holiday is enticing.   For those in a long term relationship, it makes more sense to me.  If you are lucky you have time where you can just be together.  However this doesn’t always happen.  Date night gets cancelled again, the baby sitter lets you down.   Time pressures, jobs, and children often make this very difficult.  Here is a holiday that means you need to do nothing other than cook a steak and get down to it.  No special preparation is needed.  You don’t need to spend hours in the bathroom, no elaborate makeup and doing your hair.   

Men may have created this holiday but let’s take it and run with it:  embrace the uncomplicated and dive right in.  I’m sure we’d all have much more fun that way.  I’m not saying you should suspend your feminist principles altogether but I’m going with Cosmo on this one and saying that any holiday that celebrates sex and food is there to be enjoyed.  Happy March 14th Everyone!

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