St Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February, Now is the Time to Show How Much You Love Someone in your Life. But who was St Valentine?
13th February 2019
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Later, in the days of Chaucer and during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was customary to express one's love for someone by sending flowers or confectionery and greetings messages known as ‘Valentines.’ So, the custom began and continues to the present day. St Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to have a joyfully celebration of love and affection between folks who otherwise might not be so bold. In our busy lives, we may be guilty about being neglectful of the one that we love. St Valentine’s Day allows us to stop a moment and think lovingly of that special person and to redress the situation. In addition, St Valentines Day heralds the onset of early Spring with Crocuses, Daffodils and other Spring Flowering plants bursting with colour as the ground slowly warms up. This is a perfect time of year to shake off those Winter blues and make an effort to celebrate the people that we love.

Celebrating love and courtship is wonderful, celebrating the start of new life is also fabulous. Remembering to include all of our loved ones in our lives is also to be commended, Mothers – often taken for granted, Grandparents, etc., all of whom would delight in being remembered and treated to something nice, a box of chocolates, a plant, or a bunch of flowers, and of course a pretty greetings card.

The local high street shops are now full of gift ideas. The shops are full of pot plants, seasonal and some unseasonable flowers from warmer climes, specialty chocolates and selection boxes, in fact there are so many ideas available it is impossible to list them all, however, we do recommend a walk-through Town to see what catches the eye.

St Valentines Day is a fine opportunity for a special meal for two or more, we have a wide variety of eateries in and around Taunton and Bridgwater from gastro pubs to fine dining, Italian, Asian and Chinese restaurants and a good deal more. Please, remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment as St Valentine’s Day weekend is always a very busy time for restaurants and pubs, but enjoying a quite meal for two at your favourite eatery is surely one of life’s pleasures. Enjoy

NB. Don’t forget your Valentines card! The local greetings card shops are resplendent with St Valentines cards plus balloons and banners with which to help us celebrate, if you want to surprise your loved one, or someone that you would like to fall in love with, why not do the whole deal, flowers, chocolates, a special meal and a beautiful card? Enjoy

The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater.

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