Should I invest in e-marketing?
8th November 2019
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Advertising is everything in a business’s survival nowadays. Whether that’s pop-up adverts on Google pages or a newsletter sent out to all of your clients, you would be amazed at the benefits that e-marketing can bring. So why wait? Find out how we can help advertise your business today!

In a report conducted earlier this year, it was discovered that there were approximately 4.4 billion users of the Internet as of January 2019 and it was expected that over 1.2 billion years worth of hours would be spent on the Internet around the world this year. To put that into context 10,518,984,000,000 hours will be spent on the Internet this year. Why do I bring this up? Well, if you had invested into e-Marketing, your business would have been advertised on a popular platform for 10,518,984,000,000 more hours than it was this year. Did you miss out on that opportunity? If you did, what will be the benefit from investing in marketing today?

How do I know for sure that investing in e-Marketing will help my business?

E-Marketing is always a bit overwhelming at first because it opens up so many more options for your business. However, it is always worth taking the time to learn or ask a professional how to properly market your business. How do I get started? Firstly, you have to decide which routes of marketing you are going to take. To start, it’s important to take the time to find out which methods are the most effective in your industry. For example, a hairdressing salon could decide that the most effective route for them would be a weekly email newsletter. Why? With a newsletter, you can display images of your work, create links to store pages, write descriptions of how you work etc. However, a car dealership could decide that pop-up adverts on web pages are best for them since they may only want to keep advertising the same product.

So how do I find out what’s effective in my industry?

To put it simply, you need to do research. Research other businesses like yours in your local area and how they are advertising themselves. Make notes of what you find; are they sending out newsletters? Advertising through emails? Promoting their products through Google? By doing this, you can find out what the most effective solution to marketing for you personally will be. Or, you can ask a professional marketer for their thoughts on what may be best for you and how to optimise your sales. Whatever you decide to do, remember this: act now before you lose more customers!

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