Printmaking and mixed media exhibitions at The Brewhouse
30th September 2012
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Impress consists of high quality contemporary prints from selected artists and printmakers from the Double Elephant Print Workshop. Established in 1997, Double Elephant are a not for profit open-access print making resource based in Exeter, whose aim is to keep the spirit of printmaking alive by encouraging creativity and artistic development from complete beginners to experienced artists. The exhibition has a number of works from their members including Simon Ripley, Lynn Bailey, Sally Hebeler and Catherine Cartwright. These artists will explore multiple themes from the impact of human activity on the environment, the aging process and mental illness to conflict and war using a range of printmaking methods, from woodcuts and screen prints to etchings and photographic based print making. Using a range of interactive objects, prints and video, Volkhardt Müller continues his chronicles of public life, focussing on British cities and taking ideas and observations from public life to create Mandate From The Honest Hard-Working People. Since moving to Britain in 2002 he began working in the artists’ collective Blind Ditch which led to the VanLand project that focussed on making films with young people living in rural Devon. With an interest in the politics of landscape both rural and urban and the ways that they are interconnected, this exhibition focuses on the relationships between the generic and the locale. Following his solo exhibition at RAMM in Exeter, Müller brings this reflective, witty and fascinating exhibition to The Brewhouse and on Wednesday 7th November, an Artist Talks session will give Müller the opportunity to talk about his approach to his art with the public. For more information please contact The Brewhouse Box Office on 01823 283244 or visit
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