New Year: New You?
6th January 2022
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Got that restless feeling to make some changes for the New Year?  Have you had a task you’ve been putting off ‘til after Christmas’?  Is now the time to put in place those new habits you’ve been thinking about?  Here are a few ideas to help you make some changes.

If you haven’t used it in a whole year, you aren’t going to start now!  Recyle it, repurpose it or sell/give it away.  I’m not talking about your suitcases in the loft, but things you have taking up space or things you feel you should be doing.  That soupmaker you bought on a whim and used once, or the car wash set you bought to save money?  Sometimes you have to make a decision that may not save you money, but may save you time.  Which is more important?  Pay someone a small amount to wash your car and add to the local economy or feel guilty about not washing your car when you have other things you’d rather be doing?  Me, I’d rather be paddling any day than washing my car.  Soup I buy in a tin.  Don’t feel guilty for making decisions that put you first now and then.  Bonus, it declutters the house.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Focus instead on the things that really need doing.  Some friends of mine are finding shopping more of a chore due to the advancement of time.  They feel that they still want to shop locally with the butcher, baker or independent shops but dragging home big, bulky items like soap powder or cat food is wearing them out!  Embrace the home delivery, order the boring stuff online and let them bring the heavy stuff to you! This applies to so many things, kids driving you mad not eating their veg? Let it slide.  They won’t only eat sausages and beans forever, if they are still growing, thriving, doing well at school, does it really matter they won’t touch a piece of broccoli?  No.  Let it go.  The solution to your problem?  Find a willing helper, pay them to do it, and get on with the things you enjoy.  Outsource the things you find difficult, tiresome or downright annoying and spend the time you gain doing other things you want to concentrate on.  This brings me to my next point:-

Learn something new.  This is often daunting.  A good friend of mine adopted a policy of saying ‘Yes’ to new challenges last year.  He has found a new hobby that he enjoys, made some new friends and maintains a positive outlook.  It doesn’t have to be a BIG thing!  Did you get inspired by a TV show?  Join a cookery class, take up sewing, pottery, painting, gardening, or venture further afield and try wild swimming?  There are so many things we can try out.  You don’t even need to leave home for some of them.  Another lady I know of does Pilates classes from the comfort of her own front room because she found an online instructor she liked.  Walking, wild swimming, paddling, and cycling all surged in popularity while we were in lockdown and as a nation we started to see the enjoyment we could find in our own backyards again.  Continue this as often as you can, because learning new skills not only gives enjoyment but can keep those neurons firing that keep us mentally healthy and firing on all four cylinders for as long as possible.

So to recap: Declutter.  Let the small things go.  Say yes to new things.  I’m going to get rid of my breadmaker, it hasn’t been used in the last few years.  I’m going to ask my youngest if she wants to earn some pocket money doing the outside jobs, and I’m going to redecorate my middle child’s room.  This means learning how to do some basic diy, filling, sanding, putting up a new light fitting and hanging a new door.  That ought to keep me out of trouble…  If all that sounds like too much trouble I’ll take my own advice and outsource to some of The Best of Taunton & Bridgwater’s local tradesmen and women.  Find a comprehensive list of some of the best local businesses around here

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