New Health Consultations and Advice Service at York House, Taunton
9th March 2012
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We understand how difficult and confusing it can be to have complex health conditions. It is hard enough having to cope with them, let alone trying to decide what to do for the best. I have set up a new service at York House with a colleague, Dr Rebecca Hobbs, which aims to help you make an informed decision as to what to do about your condition and the next steps to take.

The new Health Consultation provides a comprehensive service by a doctor and/or a nurse who will meet with you and take the time to talk through your individual condition and concerns, thereby helping you decide which therapy or combination of therapies best suits your healthcare needs.

As regular readers of my column are aware, I have a Nursing Degree and specialise in seeing patients with the chronic conditions of pain, stress, fatigue and illness. I understand the complexities of these conditions, offering both hands-on Physical Therapy, pain management techniques and mindfulness/yoga to help patients cope with and contribute towards ameliorating their condition.

Dr Hobbs was an NHS GP and is currently working at York House as a holistic medical practitioner and yoga teacher. She uses homeopathic medicine and western medical acupuncture for a range of conditions. She has a special interest in hormonal problems, skin disorders and chronic fatigue.

As well as helping people to improve their physical, mental and emotional well being, we both treat many patients for long-standing health complaints.

The Health Consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment to include:-

* current problems
* medication
* past medical and surgical history
* social factors
* systems review
* allergies
* family history
* lifestyle issues
* previous therapies
* investigations
* diagnoses

We will not be performing any investigations or treatment during this assessment. However, we may well suggest that these are required and recommend the best course of action for you to take. At the end of the comprehensive consultation you will be provided with a tailored treatment plan.

This may include:-

* guidance regarding complementary or alternative therapies (CAM) and appropriate referral
* lifestyle advice
* advice regarding the need for further medical assessment or investigations and referral to your GP or hospital specialist as appropriate
* or a combination of the above

A written summary of the consultation and treatment plan will be provided following the consultation process.

The cost of the consultation and subsequent written treatment plan is £75.00 and an appointment can be made either with me or Dr Hobbs by calling York House or emailing us as shown below. Please be aware that Saturday appointments are also available.

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