National Stop Snoring Week starts on Monday April 22nd
30th March 2019
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In February 2011, British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association was accredited under the Department of Health’s Information Standard, which recognises trustworthy producers of health and social care information.

Snoring and sleep disturbance can be a threat to the health ofall who are affected by it, plus the noise of snoring can cause a number of health problems.

Sleep is so important that the World Health Organisation (WHO) document several categories of adverse health and social effects from noise.Sleep disturbance, hearing impairment, daytime functioning, mental health problems, cognitive issues and negative social behaviour can be symptoms of being subjected to loud noise over a period of time. Sleep deprivation can also have a negative impact on body systems such as hormonal release, glucose regulation and cardiovascular function, leading to overall poor health.

So what can we do during National Stop Snoring Week to help people who experience this condition?

Raising awareness of the problems experienced by sufferers and helping them and their loved ones to understand their situation can ease the stress and help people realise that there are ways to manage snoring and that help is available. Posters are available from for use in GP surgeries and there is a wealth of information to help sufferers at the British Snoring web site above.

Many people who suffer from health problems believe that they suffer alone, that they are the only people that experience such difficulties and this in turn can lead to a feeling of isolation. Acknowledging that the problem exists and breaking down the sense of isolation can reduce the stress of the sufferer and help them deal with it. Why not check locally to see if there is a support group, if not set one up?

Please, note, sufferers who are unable to reduce the impact that snoring can have by self-help remedies and strategies are advised to seek professional help by contacting their General Practitioner and ask for treatment, help and guidance.

The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater supports National Stop Snoring Week 2019.





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