National Grief Awareness Week begins on Monday 2nd December next and will continue to the 8th December.
30th November 2019
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Every one of us will have experienced grief in our lifetimes, helpingĀ  people to cope with and not feel alone in their loss is of major importance.

Very much involved with the National Grief Awareness Week is The Good Grief Trust which exists to help all people who are suffering grief in the country. Their aim is to find the bereaved, acknowledge their grief and provide reassurance, plus a virtual hand via fully comprehensive online bereavement help for families and professionals.

The vision of The Good Grief Trust is to bring all bereavement services together throughout the entire country to enable people to receive support to move on with their lives.

The Good Grief Trust is run by the bereaved for the bereaved and offer a new insight into the way grief is managed in the UK.

People wishing to offer help and learn more about managing grief, bereavement support and raising awareness in the area can find out what is available and how they can become involved.

The National Grief Awareness Week is intended to raise awareness and to help us all to understand the affects of grief. We commend this special awareness week to all who are bereaved, those caring for them and those who would like to help. Please, visit

Is there a bereavement group where you live? Could you start one? Now is your opportunity to find out more and make it happen. The loss of a loved oneĀ 

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