National Allotment Week is from 12th to 18th August,
13th August 2019
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Growing produce for the table has so many benefits one wonders why more people don’t do it? Certainly, there is some hard work attached but the benefits outweigh the downside.

One major argument in favour of grow your own is the carbon foot print. Have you ever wondered where your supermarket beans were grown, not to mention the out of season produce? Produce grown in Africa, South America and the Far East has been flown half way round the globe for our convenience.

So, what can we do about it?

National Allotment Week 2019 is about explaining to people that grow your own is a cost effective, healthy – the only chemicals applied will be applied by you, and you can grow anything that you fancy so long as it is in season, and the flavours will be better than any supermarket can offer, and your produce will be fresh as can be.

During National Allotments Week allotment sites across the UK are opening their gates, showing off their skills, sharing their joy in horticulture and communal endeavour to encourage everyone to grow food in their own in gardens, balconies and backyards and maybe acquire an allotment of their own.

Renting an allotment gives you access to the space necessary for growing crops such as potatoes, onions, sweetcorn, more exotic plants and fruit can be grown with some tlc allowing you the delight of eating your own hand grown favourites.  It is possible to grow food in small spaces, balconies, patios, in tubs and mini raised beds, the alternatives are plentiful. Many vegetables have attractive leaves and flowers and look great in a cottage garden, backyard or allotment. Runner and French bean flowers come in white, red, purple and yellow and will clamber up a support in a sunny spot. You can grow fabulousSun flowers in an allotment that will delight children and they can be taught about gardening by helping you. Most salad ingredients are quick and easy to grow in pots of good compost, cut-and-come-again lettuce will even thrive in a semi-shady spot. Herbs are a vital ingredient for most cooks and can be grown in pots by the kitchen door and rosemary or lavender can make a low hedge andwill attract bees. Strawberries will look attractive and produce fruit in a hanging basket if kept well-watered, a terracotta strawberry-tub that will take up little space and can produce tasty crop. Small fruit-trees on dwarfing root stock are a productive and pretty addition to any allotment.

Most Allotments have a ‘Society’ to help the members with advice, low-cost seeds and products are usually available at low prices.

What can National Allotment Week do for you? Transform your life and those of your loved ones, that’s what.


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