Monday 21st October 2019 is Apple Day
14th October 2019
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Did you know that there are over 2000 varieties of apple to choose from, thanks to the Victorian Britons who cultivated them, and many of them are still enjoyed around the world? The 2000 varieties are tended to in the National Fruit Collection in Faversham, Kent.

In today's Britain we eat only a few varieties of apple and sadly 70% of those come from abroad! It is time to change!

Here in Somerset we have some of the finest apple growers in the country, and in Britain overall, we really do have the best of the crop. Locally produced apples do not have a vast carbon foot print, and the parent trees absorb CO2 at a rate of knots converting it into Oxygen. English apples are available in the most delicious varieties – the ‘old English’ varieties are a crunch above the rest! Overall, apples are health-giving and tasty, and where would we be without an apple pie? Needless to say Somerset produces the best Cider in the world too, and we spell cider correctly too!

Why not celebrate Apple Day on the 21st, pop to the local greengrocer and ask what varieties of apple he/she sells, ask if there are different varieties to try rather than settle for run of the mill (foreign) apples. Do you love a crisp Cox’s Orange Pippin, a Granny Smith, or a Taunton Cross? Treat yourself and the family by buying a couple of Bramley apples and make a pie – with lashings of custard of course.

Do you have space in the garden for an apple tree? The world needs a lot of trees planted to fight off climate change and every tree planted helps, plus you can have a source of free apples every year.

There are first class nurseries and garden centres locally who sell different varieties of apple trees, UK grown from good quality growers. Apple trees can be purchased in standard or ‘patio’ sizes.

Home grown apples come fresh from the tree, some fruit early - some later, they produce the most beautiful apple blossom and following-on comes the freshest fruit to be found. Don’t forget, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

Celebrate Apple Day 2019 on the 21st October with locally grown and supplied fresh apples, one for the lunch box/es, and one for yourself. Enjoy

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