Meow! International Cat Day Falls on 8th August 2018,
5th August 2018
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Cats are so very popular in the UK that a quarter of people ‘own’ a cat, ownership is not quite the same thing with some cats as they will own you and some can be fickle having have more than one home and feeding station. Dogs are the most popular pets in the UK however, but many homes have both - often with even the smallest cat being ‘boss’.

Across the globe pets vary in popularity, but having cat in the house is comforting, and good for pest control.The International Fund for Animal Welfare is dedicated to making sure that domestic animals in this case are cared for.On a larger scale altogether the IFAW promote the protection of animals of all sizes across the world especially endangered ones.

International Cat Day could be turned into a lot of fun by recording your feline friend’s activities and posting it online or sharing their capers with family and friends through Social Media.

As it is the school holidays why not organise a fund-raising activity in support of a charity, the RSPCA, Cats Protection – the UK’s largest cat protection and rescue charity, they are always happy to receive funds to aid their work.

Haven’t got a cat? Your local Cats Protection branch will be happy to help you find the prefect puss from a kitten to a mature cat, the cats are all healthchecked and neutered before being re-homed.

Cats are very appealing animals especially when young, many elderly people love to see and stroke a cat, why not pop round to a lonely person with your cat or kitten and give them some company for an hour or so. Check first,not everyone likes cats and some people can be allergic to them.

Cat ownership is thought to be good for you, some specialists say owning a cat can be good for your heart, but the sight of kittens climbing the curtains may reverse that benefit.Before acquiring a cat even for your health’s sake, and the cats,make sure you are prepared for the odd bit of claw stropping and buy toys etc that will distract the cat and provide astimulating alternative, i.e. a scratching post, squeaky toys and a multitude of things for a cat to chase and ‘kill’.

Petting a cat is said to reduce stress levels, and with people having such hectic lives, they can be an easier and much less demanding choice of pet than owning a dog.

Enjoy International Cat Day on the 8th and please make sure that your cat enjoys it too.

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