Marketing for 2010
18th January 2010
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“Every business owner is looking for better ways to create trusting relationships with customers and potential customers,” says Golden. “It is more important than ever to communicate a clear, succinct message of value in a language your customers understand through whatever means they receive information.”

I think this paragraph is very insightful regarding the way that business marketing is changing. Business owners are giving much more thought to their marketing strategy and the message it sends out. While traditional advertising is still used and has it's place getting your message across using social media, testimonials and other means of bonding with your customers is going to become bigger and bigger. We only have to look at the Christmas number one. This really shows how powerful social media already is, The song promoted by social media beat X factors song, which could not have had more of the more traditional advertising! As always I would be very interested to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject. 

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