Local Shop or Supermarkets?
10th April 2010
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Taunton's Buy Local Campaign has just got started, the aim is of course to encourage people to use their local shops, Businesses owned and run by local people are central to the economy and need our support. There are other issues that are also worth considering when you are thinking about where you spend your money. 

A lot of people are drawn to the large supermarkets - the food there is often cheaper and we perceive it to be a convenient way to shop. Click here  for another view on this. How long do you normally spend in the supermarket? Do you often come out with things you don't need or didn't realise you needed before you looked around?

In 2009 the large supermarkets made record profits. Click here for more information on Tesco's profits. These huge profits come at a price for some -  I think most people have read stories about farmers being badly treated by the large supermarket chains. There immense buying power certainly means they have the upper hand in transactions!

This blog is certainly not a rant against supermarkets - I use one every two weeks and will continue to do so, however it is always good to re evaluate our choices and I will certainly be spending more in my local shops and less in the supermarket. 


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