Local Firm Woolly Shepherd Quizzed By Deborah Meaden on BBC’s CountryFile
7th February 2012
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Local felted wool company, The Woolly Shepherd, faces an unexpected challenge this Sunday evening on BBC’s top-rated Countryfile programme. The Dragon business expert is a champion of local wool herself and is intrigued by the Woolly Shepherd’s FELTO Acoustic Cloud – an innovative product that uses only natural materials to absorb unwanted reverberated noise.


“Country File called us and asked if we would be willing to ‘pitch’ our business and our FELTO Acoustic Cloud to Somerset business woman Deborah Meaden in the style of Dragon’s Den,” explains partner, Nicky Saunter. “It was quite light-hearted and aimed at giving us some feedback on what we were doing right and what we might do better.”


Made with west country wool from the Quantocks, Blackdowns and Exmoor, FELTO acoustic clouds are shaped like fluffy clouds and appear to float in the air. Recent installations have been at Tiverton’s Heathcote Community Centre, Wiveliscombe’s Silver St Centre and award-winning Quantock restaurant, Clavelshay Barn, where owner Sue Milverton was delighted with the results:


“We used to take care to move people with hearing difficulties to a quieter area, but now, thanks to the new acoustic clouds, customers can have an intimate conversation without having to raise their voices.”


Sounds like magic but, according to Tim Simmons of The Woolly Shepherd, it’s simply the fabulous natural properties of our west country wool, which absorbs voice-frequency sound extremely well.


“Deborah Meaden thought we had a good product – and so do we! Her advice was helpful in that it is always good to have input from people who really know what they are talking about. Deborah’s work in developing the Merchant Fox brand of local, beautifully made products is something we really admire, and we are currently working on supplying them with material for their range.”


FELTO woolly clouds and wall panels are particularly suited for use in public buildings, schools and nurseries, where good acoustics are absolutely essential. The boards can be covered with natural calico or a fabric to match furnishings and colour schemes.

For more info: Tim Simmons or Nicky Saunter 01823 400696

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