July 27th Sees the Start of National Fishing Month,
19th July 2018
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Freshwater fishing is common on inland waterways and lakes whilst those who have the chance may venture to the coasts to fish from shore, or from a boat, for codling, mackerel etc.

Freshwater fish for many people is lighter in taste and a healthy part of the national diet, there isn’t much fat on a Trout.

However, much fishing is enjoyed simply for sport and as such is a healthy and tranquil sport and social pastime, many good friendships are formed on the bank-side.

The principle underlying National Fishing Month is to encourage every family member to have a go at fishing. It does not matter what age you are, or what previous experience you have. Nor does it matter which cultural or social background you may be from. Fishing is a totally inclusive sport.

Fishery owners, organizers and angling coaches give up their valuable time to support National Fishing Month, so people are urged to take this opportunity to have try this wonderful sport during August.

The angling community throughout the country will be active during National Fishing Month with local groups encouraging all comers to join in the best country sport in some of the finest countryside in Britain and in our revitalized urban waterways. There is a thriving population of City and Town fishing fans around the country.

National Fishing Month offers unique opportunities for the protection and promotion of angling.

It has the potential to:

Increase the number of people getting involved in the sport.

Inform the public about the economic, social and environmental benefits of angling.

Influence decisions about access, environmental policy and wildlife management so that they take the importance of angling into account.

Improve diversity amongst anglers to counter any perception that it is exclusively a male, white, able-bodied only pursuit.

What is going to happen?

There will be hundreds of locally organised angling events offering non-anglers the opportunity to be taught how to fish, FREE OF CHARGE, by a qualified licensed Coach and within a safe controlled environment.

Would you like to organise an event?

National Fishing Month cannot happen without the assistance of event organisers. The organisers are searching for volunteers to run National Fishing Month events where ever you are.

Organisers can be local angling clubs, schools, tackle shops, fisheries - in fact anyone with an interest in fishing. Many clubs and societies use National Fishing Month as a way of increasing membership.

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