Insurance advice for young drivers
2nd May 2010
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Just passed your test and wanting to get out on the open road? Can't believe how high insurance premiums are?

Kelvin White from Kelvin White Driving Schools offers some tips on how to get the best priced insurance for your car.

1. Engine size is probably the biggest factor influencing insurance prices. Cars with smaller engines are in lower insurance categories. Go for a car with the lowest possible insurance group for cheaper insurance.

2. Take a Pass Plus course. The pass plus only takes 6 hours to complete, it will give you additional driving skills and insurance companies will take it into account when giving you a quote. Insurers give quotes with up to 35% off for those with the pass plus.

3. Take out a multi car policy, if other members of your household have insurance policies then taking out a multi car policy can work out cheaper and bring down the price of your quote.

4. Consider your excess. The higher the excess the cheaper the quote. But think if you have an accident can you afford £500 and upwards?

5. Adding a named driver to your policy can bring a quote down if the named driver is an older and experienced driver with a clean licence. Beware though of new drivers getting cheap insurance by becoming named drivers on someone elses policy. If you are the main driver the policy must be in your name. 

6. Shop around Moneysupermarket or Go Compare will quickly give you an idea of many prices. But remember not all companies are on there. Direct line for example is not. 

For learner drivers Kelvin recommends contacting

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