In times of uncertainty it is good to focus on your strengths.
22nd May 2020
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This may give you a different overview of your business and can often spark new ideas.  Sometimes it is easy to keep doing the same thing as ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.  However, in today’s climate, innovators and people who adapt quickly will be the ones to succeed.  This does not mean you have to change everything.  Good customer service is always good.  Keeping your customers at the heart of your business never goes out of fashion, it is one of the major strengths of independent business compared to major corporations.  Simply put, if you need to pare back some of your services and offer a different way to get your business to market, do it now.  Do not wait for someone else to do it first.

Invest in yourself.  Personal and professional progression is always available, and you should not overlook keeping up to date with your profession.  It shows a dedication and an enjoyment in your skills that will benefit your clients.  If you are currently furloughed or not working, now is a perfect time to revisit your skill set and polish them.  Use the time to invest in your premises or equipment.  Some of our clients have used this enforced downtime to take a fresh look at their premises, many choosing to update, refurb or do essential maintenance.  This allows them to use the time wisely and prepare for reopening when the time is right.  A fresh pair of eyes can always help to see things from a different perspective and I am always happy to help you.  You might benefit from some impartial advice that could show your business in a new light.

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