How to optimise your business listing on Google
3rd June 2019
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For those small business owners who are struggling to get their businesses found online and aren’t getting the reach they had anticipated, I’ve got your back! I know how you can improve your business’s visibility whilst also targeting your ideal clients on the biggest search engine with this FREE and super easy feature.

Let me introduce you to Google My Business, a handy little tool for us entrepreneurs to get our business name out there into the ever expanding world of the internet.

If you own your own business then you will know how important it is to maintain an online presence. In this digital age we are constantly using search engines like Google to find the products, services and businesses we want. I will show you how to setup with Google My Business for free to optimise your business listing and attract the attention from your ideal clients and customers.

When you setup a business listing with Google, you are basically telling them that this is your business and this is what you do. So when a potential customer searches for your business sector in your area, your business will appear in the list. For all of your older folks, Google My Business is basically the virtual equivalent of the Yellow Pages Phonebook (do people even use these anymore?)

So when you setup your business listing and search using Google, you will find the information box on the right hand side, as shown below.




It is so important for Google to establish that ‘Azalea Design Co.’ is a ‘Website Designer in Taunton, England’ to be able to bring this up during relevant searches and be included in Google’s list.







1. Simply go to and follow the steps, entering all of your business details- Business name, address*, phone number, email address and website.

(You will need to set up a business Google Account if you don’t already)

*If you work from home and don’t wish for your address to be public or you travel to other locations, you can hide your address from being shown on Google and can choose to show a service area radius.


2. Once you have completed step 1, Google will need to you to verify your listing. Usually they will send a letter with a verification code to the address you signed up with. This may take a few days.


3. Once you have received your verification code, follow the instructions on the letter and get your listing activated!


4. Customise your Google listing to the max!





Think of this Google listing as you showcasing your business and your products/services to your potential customers before they click onto your website. This is like your business’s store front, so share some interesting and relevant images to get your customer’s interested.



Nothing entices a sale more than images. Have a great product or example of your services in action? Use them! Have some great images of your staff working together or want to show off your amazing office space? Customers like seeing the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of a business too!



Using posts on Google Business is a great way to keep your customers and potential customers up to date with any latest offer, event, blog post or product without them having to find the information from your website or any social media.



Once your Google listing is active, try asking your customers to leave you reviews, as potential customers want to know whether or not they should trust and invest in your business.

Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more.”


As well as Google Business Listings giving you the visibility you need to attract your potential customers, it also has great analytical insights which can show you:

  • How customers find your website
  • Where customers view your business on Google
  • Any actions which customers take
  • Total amount of phone calls
  • Total amount of image views

This handy, free feature from Google is changing the game for small businesses and is totally worth the few minutes to set up.


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